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Instrument Rating

  • 2 hr
  • 800 US dollars
  • Denton Location

Service Description

Why should you have an Instrument Rating? Instrument Rating Certifications give you the flexibility to fly under different weather conditions. It gives you the ability to fly at different times and not only under VFR Conditions. Take trips without risking getting caught outside of your home base due to night time or weather reasons. Become more proficient in the Air Traffic Control systems. Gives you the ability to take on a career in aviation. It helps you become a better pilot. and maybe… Just because you want the FREEDOM. How does it work? You need to log at least 40 hours of flight by reference to the aircraft instruments. This is broken up as follows: Learning how pilots control the airplane solely by instrument reference. Taking cross country flights to get familiar with the Air Traffic Control systems. Practicing instrument approaches into airports. Becoming proficient in holding patterns. Effective IFR communication. The majority of our clients will earn their instrument rating after finishing the Private Pilot license. Contact us for full details and get started right away.

Contact Details

  • 4650 Clear Star St, Denton, TX, USA

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